Wedding Ceremonies

Michael’s has become a favorite destination in the Southtowns for both your Ceremony and Reception. Making it convenient for both you and your guests by eliminating the lag time between the “I Do’s” and the dance floor.

We will help you set up your timeline based on your preference of location, and then that night we will also coordinate with the Officiant and the groom to start off the ladies “coming down the aisle.” We offer one outside and two indoor ceremony spots; outdoors in our Garden Courtyard, in our Foyer, or right inside your Ballroom.

2023 Ceremony Rental Charges*

Garden Courtyard $375.00

Foyer $375.00

* rental charges include a set number of chairs depending on location

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal Options

A day or two before the Big Day you will most likely want to come in and rehearse your ceremony. Many bride and grooms choose to rehearse the ceremony and then stay a while longer for a light dinner with the wedding party and immediate family members.

We always suggest that your Officiant still should attend the rehearsal so that you can have them direct the wedding party through the line-up, the procession, the ceremony itself and the recession from their point-of-view.

You may also just come in to rehearse without planning to stay for a dinner. More details on this option will be explained when you speak with a Manager at your tour or on request over the phone.

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