Terms of Service

Terms of Agreement

  1. Written or quoted pricing such as herein is subject to change without notice based on current market price increases regarding food, beverages, labor costs and taxes. Pricing is subject to a proportionate increase of approximately 5 to 10% per year based on market conditions. Quoted pricing cannot be guaranteed until the year of the function. *Some specialty menu/bar items will not be guaranteed until 90 days prior to event date due to their current market value and/or seasonal availability from suppliers.

  2. Please add 20% Administration Charge and Sales Tax (8.75%) to all figures quoted in our menus and on our website. The Administration charge is NOT a gratuity, therefore is subject to sales tax. This is not distributed to employees providing your service. The Administration charge will be retained by Michael’s Catering & Banquet Facility to pay competitive wages and enhance amenities.

  3. Reservations are guaranteed only upon receipt of deposit AND signed agreement by the person(s) listed on the contract.

  4. Full payment is required 14 days prior to your event. Final payment may be made by bank check, personal check and/or cash. Credit card payments are not accepted for FINAL payment unless prior approval of Michael’s management. Credit cards, if accepted are subjected to a 3% convenience fee added to your total bill.

  5. The FINAL guaranteed number of guests attending the function must be given 14 days prior to the event. This number will be considered a guaranteed count for which you will be billed, even if fewer guests attend. If your attendance is greater than the guaranteed number submitted, you are responsible for the total number of guests served and any additional costs for last minute additions made to a set room to accommodate this additional number of guests. At this time ALL final menu plans, seating plans, table layouts and/or décor layouts and rentals must be confirmed and submitted to the Event Coordinator.

  6. In the event of a cancellation (or change of date) ALL deposits made to Michael’s Catering & Banquet Center are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

  7. Tax Exempt organizations must present the tax-exempt certificate prior to the day of the event. Payment must be made with a check that matches the name of the tax-exempt organization.

  8. Michael’s Catering & Banquet Facility has a responsibility to provide our guests a safe environment for a social gathering, thus the sale or serving of alcoholic beverages to any person under 21 years of age is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone. NO alcoholic beverages may be brought into our facility by any guests, including wedding favors. In addition, there is a maximum of five hours for any bar. Michael’s serves mixed drinks, wine, and beer – absolutely NO shots.

  9. Real-flame candles are limited to two candles per table (votive sized) and/or floating candles within a water filled cylindrical vase and must be full contained within such container where the flame does not reach beyond the walls of the holder. Unlimited LED candles/twinkle lights are encouraged.

  10. Absolutely NO glitter, confetti, bubbles, flower petals (faux or real), tinsel, sparklers, fireworks and/or fog are permitted. No tape, staples tacks, nails, adhesive, etc. are permitted for décor inside or outside. Use of these items will result in additional charges for damages and cleanup. Michael’s is not responsible for decorations or items used for your event. These items must be picked up within 5 days for your event, after such time any remaining items will be donated or disposed of.

  11. Michael’s is not responsible for setting up any items rented from outside vendor(s). Additional charges may be applied to your invoice if your rental involves our staff to prepare for set-up, clean-up and or damages on an area one these items are removed.

  12. Any outside vendors with a contractual obligation to you for your event, must provide Michael’s Catering & Banquet Center office with a copy of their Certificate of Liability for the current year of operation that must match the year of your scheduled event.