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Banquet FAQs

  1. What are the important things to focus on or consider while initially planning a party?
    Date, location, price, menu variety, staffing, room size, contract requirements. Compatibility with important outside factors such as churches for weddings or speakers availability for meetings Review our menu and pricing, call the office for date availability and compatibility, come in for a personal consultation, meet with a trained banquet manager, tour and learn about our rooms, review our Contracts and ask us questions! We look forward to meeting you and are confident that we can impress you with our quality, quantity and service!
  2. Do I have to bring in my own decorations, what linens are included in my price?
    Our elegant decor is enough for most parties, however some people bring in additional items to personalize the room. Balloons are popular as are flowers. We do not allow confetti, glitter or tinsel of any kind. We also do not allow tape or tacking into our walls. We offer white and cream linen tablecloths and some menus also include linen napkins.
  3. Do we need to figure in a tip for the servers or a site fee?
    Michael's Catering and Banquets adds *only NYS Sales Tax* to event invoices; no gratuities are expected or collected. Our servers are paid a fixed hourly rate and do not work for tips, there is no gratuity or service charge required to be paid. We also do not charge a room rental fee, administrative fee or a site fee.
  4. Can I get a buffet for any amount of people?
    No, as stated in our menu, there is a minimum of 30 adults for all buffets.
  5. What then can I serve my party of less than 30?
    We suggest a sit-down meal with no more than 2 choices. You can serve all your guests the same meal, or offer them choices and seat them with color coded placecards that you bring in. There is a minimum of 25 adults for all sit-down menus.
  6. I have children attending my party is there a special meal available for them? What about vegans, vegetarians and food allergies?
    For the children, If you choose a buffet, there is no special meal available but there is a discounted price. If you choose to serve sit-down, you can offer them a child plate (usually fingers and fries) Prices for children are less than adults, exact prices will vary with your menu. For special dietary needs, there is no additional cost and any special need or request can be accommodated.
  7. What is the difference between day and night-time prices and menus?
    In order to choose a day-time menu, your party must be scheduled to eat at or before 1:00pm. If you are scheduled to eat later than 1:00pm, then you must choose from the night-time menus. Night parties traditionally start after 4:30pm, if you wish to schedule your party to arrive between 2pm and 4pm, please call the office to get approval.
  8. How do I book a room in Michaels?
    A deposit and signed Contract is due to confirm any party as a definite booking. The amount due depends on the room and the date being booked. Deposits can be made with cash or personal check. Deposits are early payments that go right towards your balance due and are not considered room rentals or extra monies due.
  9. What type of parties can Michael's host?
    Almost any type of banquet for 30-700 guests, and up to 1,000 for cocktail parties.
  10. Tell me more about your in-house sound-system?
    Events with dancing are required to book Michael's Sound featuring a Jammin Sound DJ, or you may rent the "in-house" sound equipment; no outside sound equipment will be allowed into the facility.

    Jammin' Sound's owner Ben Chieffo will work directly with you to plan out your music list and dancing plans. Other DJs are welcome, however a rental charge is due for use of the speakers and sound equipment.