Dining Photo Gallery

Food Sample - Chicken
Food Sample - Steak
Food Sample - Chicken
Food Sample - Potatoes
Food Sample - Filet
Food Sample - Steak, Beans and Potatoe
Food Sample - Chicken
Food Sample - Lasagna
Food Sample - Dessert
Food Sample -Pasta Salad
Food Sample - Station Carving
Food Sample - Potatoe Salad

Delicious and Original

Our experienced management staff will help you to define your ideas by explaining all of your menu options during your menu planning. Although we do have a set menu, we can easily accommodate any special diets or allergies on request. We can also prepare special recipes and dishes on request.

Michael's is proud to still have our original head chef leading our kitchen staff, Executive Chef Pauline Ratchuk. All of our soups, sauces and gravies are homemade; she hand prepares each cut of meat and even whips our famous mashed potatoes in a giant mixing bowl. Our vegetables are fresh steamed and seasoned for each party, and our hors d’oeuvres platters and trays are created by Chef Pauline and her assistants with care.